Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jamie O'Brien Goes Diving With The Body Glove Team

Went out this morning on The Disappearance and took out Pro Surfer, Jamie O'Brien. Jamie is down from Hawaii and cruising around with Greg Browning taking in the sights, going out for a dive with the Body Glove team on a beautiful Wednesday morning.
Dive Master Scott Smith getting his gear ready for the dive.
Dolphins leading the way in front of The Disappearance.
Heading out to the drop zone.
Co-Founder of Body Glove shows Jamie the submarine that he and his late brother invested in.
Jamie getting his gear ready for the dive.
Vice President of BG, Billy Meistrell sporting his dive outfit.
Body Glove team rider, Cheyne Magnusson is always down for a good dive.
Greg Browning having technical difficulties with his dive bag so he goes a different route.
Jamie ready to go while Cheyne is still figuring things out.
Scott Smith giving Jamie the dive agenda.
Magnusson, Cheyne Magnusson.
Bob, Alex Gray, Cheyne Magnusson, Scott Smith, Jamie O'Brien, Billy Meistrell and Jenna Meistrell
Alex with one of his lobsters. Too small. Had to go back.
Not quite the same water temp as in Hawaii.
Jamie's first lobster catch. Didn't make the size requirement though and had to go back in.
Cheyne got a few but ended up with one legal one.
Bob and Jamie looking over the catches of the day.
Greg ended up with the biggest lobster of the day.
All but a couple lobsters had to go back. It was a beautiful day out on the water. Sun was out. Water was pretty calm and the diving conditions were pretty good as you got down to the bottom. Everybody was pretty cold afterwards though, but still beats working in office.

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