Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wakesurfer James Harold goes on the Body Glove Snorkel Cruise

Pro wakesurf rider, James Harold spent time with his family enjoying Hawaii's Body Glove Snorkel Cruise. The Body Glove boat takes off from Kailua-Kona Harbor, and is a 4.5 hour long cruise. It is whale season in Hawaii and a few humpbacks swam by adding some more adventure to their trip.
James said, "Captain Sharky got right up next to them and they were so huge! One breached right in front of the boat!

According to James, Captian Sharky finds an appropriate calm cove for the snorkelers and water seekers to enter safely. They offer a snorkel class just before entering the water, for the very beginners (optional), but they also offer upgraded choices like power diving or "hookah." Or if a passenger would like they can upgrade to a scuba session. James's wife, Ashley chose scuba, and said, "I want to live down there on that reef.
A wave goodbye with the BG foam hand!

Check out some photos of DJ Jameszzz in his element.
Boosting off the wake...
DJ Jameszz in Body Glove's Prime!

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