Monday, February 21, 2011

Team Body Glove in Japan

Japan is always a great destination for the Body Glove Team. We love rice triangles, not being able to understand anything or anyone, using the few Japanese words we know, and there can be really fun surf. Here are a few snap shots I (Body Glove filmer, Scott Smith) managed to take during our whirlwind of a trip to the land of the rising sun. Enjoy.
First stop, international terminal at LAX with Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnusson, en route to Tokyo, Japan.

When we get to Japan, Body Glove's own, Yugo, is always the first welcoming face we see. Yeah Yugo!

After a 12 hour flight to Japan, sushi is first on the list. This poor lil guy met his fate this night.

Mike Losness enjoying the result of the previous picture.

Here Mike Losness, Cheyne Magnusson, Scott Smith, and Alex Gray can't believe it's snowing. They say every 2 years or so it snows in Tokyo. We felt lucky, but we also felt cold thinking about our surf the next morning.

When we pulled up to the beach in Chiba, the boys were stoked. It looked really fun and they were out there.

Fun looking waves with a beautiful Japanese backdrop.

Autograph signing at the Interstyle Tradeshow.

Some pandas getting some sigs. Alex probably getting some digits.

A couple local friends join Scott Smith, Mike Losness, Cheyne Magnusson, Anthony Walsh, and Alex Gray for the Drop Zone premiere party at a beautiful club in Tokyo.

Mike Losness and Alex Gray getting the party started.

It worked.

Perhaps because of the night before, our board strapping skills had been compromised. This is how they ended up before pulling off the highway on the way to the airport.
Thank you Tokyo and Body Glove Japan! Abunai!

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