Friday, November 4, 2011

Statement about Jamie O' Brien Photo

Body Glove has long held the relationship with the ocean as sacred. Body Glove is a family owned business with an almost 60 year history in the ocean. It is our belief that protected species such as turtles in any ocean across the globe should not be touched, taken or disturbed.

Jamie O’Brien tried to use his brand of humor in an effort to bring awareness to fibropapilloma, a herpes-type infection, that is afflicting the endangered sea turtle population. We believe that he could have achieved his goal in a much better manner. We treat our athletes like family so like a family we have addressed this situation internally and directly with Jamie.

We do not condone this activity and have taken the proper internal steps to inform Jamie of the seriousness of this activity. We do not believe this specific photo accurately depicts Jamie’s relationship with the ocean and its’ inhabitants and know that it does not reflect Body Glove's relationship with the ocean.

We thank the concerned public for their messages, input and for bringing this photo to light and hope that it can be used as a learning experience for all people who enter the ocean with the amazing creatures in it.

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