Monday, November 7, 2011

Wake Team Update: November 2011


By Bob Soven

Every year we go through the same routine. Anxiously anticipating the season’s end to get back into a routine lifestyle, then dreading the colder days of winter and excited for the next season to begin. We find ourselves at the beginning of our off-season now, figuring out ways to productively pass the time.

I have caught a cable park fever which has accounted for my wake productivity. Along with that, Rusty Malinoski and myself are the ringers on an 0-8 softball team ready to make a legendary playoff run, come November.

Harley Clifford has been shipped back to Australia to keep flipping and spinning with his never ending summer; the kid has an addiction.

As for James Balzer, if you follow him on Instagram (“snappybalz”) you can see Balzer-style documentation of "the kid" growing up. Good work Balzer, you are the king of baby making.

Jeff McKee has been documenting other team happenings on, including an interview with our new favorite NorCal ripper, Trever Maur. Also keep your eyes peeled for LipSmack, a Slingshot team video starring McKee himself.

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