Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mike Losness and the Waste to Waves Campaign

The words of Mike Losness himself... "I want to introduce you to Waste to Waves. It is a campaign put together by sustainable surf that helps to eliminate Holiday styrofoam waste from gifts being sent to the landfill. We will be dropping off collection bins at surf shops between San Francisco and San Diego this week. Marko foam will be collecting the waste and up cycling it into new epoxy surfboard blanks. I have been surfing on one of these recycled blanks... the board works insane!"

Waste to Waves(TM) is a program to recycle your waste packaging foam into new EPS surfboard blanks. This can reduce the overall environmental impact of the blank by over 50%, and rides and shapes the same as any other blank.

Step #1: Bring your waste packaging foam into your local participating surf shop

Step #2: Marko Foam and Sustainable Surf collect this foam, grind it up, and make new recycled EPS blanks from it

Step #3: Sign up for the free surfboard raffle

Step #4: Order your next surfboard with a Waste to Waves recycled EPS blank from Marko Foam

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