Wednesday, December 14, 2011

North Shore Splurge: by Jeff McKee

Today is our final day here at the North Shore and we are going out with a bang. I caught more waves today than any other day of the trip, and in one particular instance got pressured into a wave by Chewy, the surf team manager, which I ripped the face off of but apparently cut off a local who was paddling my way with some serious aggression when it was all said and done. Whoops. I told him it was Chewy's fault not mine and he quickly scattered. ; ) Anyways, here is my final photo dump from the trip. Mahalo from the haole.

Got the chance to surf Rockies with all the team which is by far the shallowest spot I've ever been.

I'm a sucker for sunsets, and the North shore is the spot to be for my type.

This dude was seriously prepared for war out in the waves. Check out his old school BG camo vest. Agro.

20 people in the house and approximately 60 surfboards on the premisses.

Last night we had a Rave underneath this blue tarp. A lot of weird stuff went down.

Alex Gray posing for the camera in the all new Prime suit.

My humble abode, aka the master suite closet. I have to sleep with my knees bent otherwise it's head and feet to the walls.

The crew spectating from the back porch overlooking sunset. By far the best seats on the shore.

This is the scene from yesterday's waterfall shoot where the Beck sisters and Chandler Parr showed off the newest BG bikini's. Then we all got the chance to jump the cliff into the watering hole. It was about 50 ft. High enough to bruise Helina's ass all the the way to the knee's. That's what happens when you land on your back. Luckily she came up with a smile on her face.

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