Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wake Team Update: December 2011

Rusty Malinoski
While a lot of riders are using the off-season to rest, play video games and drink, Rusty is taking the opposite approach. The guy is in the gym with a personal trainer almost every day, cutting a little weight and riding every chance he gets. Yes, he has taken some time away with his wife on trips to Vegas and Hawaii, but there is no way Rusty is heading into next season out of shape. Check out the recently-released video of his stalefish double back roll from the Wake Awards, a move that's never been done before with this grab.

Jeff McKee
The last month has been a great opportunity for Jeff to finally chill out and make some plans for the off season in Orlando. He's been busy building rail set ups with the Slingshot team, shooting for Lipsmack, and also producing tech videos for the new Sligshot products including one for his signature board called "The Response" ( Of course there is never a dull moment with this guy. "I also rode naked for the first time in a quest to accomplish all the tasks printed in the Response board graphic, and have been wake surfing a bunch in my new PR1ME team suit," McKee said. "Now I'm sitting here in Hawaii with the Body Glove crew getting ready to head over to Jamie Obrien's house and watch all the BG surfers practice at Pipeline for the Pipe Masters event this weekend."

James Balzer
This man of action has been in his homeland of Canada where the lakes are 45 degrees and his winching spots freezing over at night. That hasn't stopped him, because Balzer is a true waterman, and you can't keep those guys out of their element no matter what. Last week, he needed a break from the cold and made a trip to Body Glove headquarters. "It's always nice in Redondo Beach, so I flew down to hang with the boys and get my winter wave count up." Balzer said. "Everyone was getting ready to head to Hawaii to shoot all the new gear with the surfers. It was a quick, but fun trip."
On his way home, he stopped in Northern Cal to ride with Grant Roberts for a few days on the Delta. "We got some shredding in, but it was so windy and all those Delta guys just want to play beer pong." Now he's back in Vancouver getting ready for Christmas. "Big thanks to Body Glove for letting my swing by and for keeping me warm all winter in their sick suits."

Bob Soven
Happy Birthday to Bob, who recently turned 20. "Anti-climactic." He said. "The one year countdown begins." Bob's been staying warm in the water with his PR1ME full suit, and commented randomly that he really misses Balzer.

Trever Maur This rider/videographer shows you how to easily mount your GoPro video camera onto a "wand" to get some creative and smooth shots.

Australian Update!

Harley Clifford After scoring the cover of Australia's WAKE Magazine, here's a look at Harley shredding on his home turf in Oz. Check out TransWorld's Wake Awards digital publication, highlighting Harley's win as "Best Wakeboarder" for 2011

James Windsor
15-years-old and riding way ahead of his age, James dominates in
Pro Men's events and won his first title at the International Rail Jam in Penrith last year, before recently finishing second in a pro men's competition in Germany. He is one of those really nice kids who just loves to ride.

James Boggia
James is an absolute shredder at the cable park he always throws down. He has built up a solid rep both in Oz and overseas as one of the best cable riders to come out of Australia. After being off the water for six months with an injury, James is fully recovered and hungry, riding beter then ever.

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