Friday, December 9, 2011

Jamie O'Brien Wins Both Heats at Pipe Masters

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Jamie O'Brien has a deep history with Banzai Pipeline... he grew up and still lives in a house right at the infamous Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore, he is one of the youngest surfers ever to win a Pipe Masters challenge, he took 4th place at Pipe Masters in 2001 after recovering from a knee injury, he took 1st place at the 2003 Hansen's Pipeline Pro and 1st place in the 2004 Pipeline Masters.

Yesterday was an amazing day for Jamie and the Body Glove team could not be more stoked for him. Thos of us who are not in Hawaii watching him from the beach ahd our eyes glued to the TV screen in our office watching him surf both rounds. Jamie showed no mercy to fan-favorite, Dane Reynolds, handing him a 14.77-3.24 loss. Jamie even finished a double barrel with a triple claim for 9.27. In his second heat he had a one wave victory to Brazillian surfer Raoni Monteiro.

Results from the first day:

Round 1 Heat 8 : Jamie O'Brien (HAW) 14.77pts ; Dane Reynolds (USA) 3.24pts
Round 2 Heat 6 : Jamie O'Brien (HAW) 5.33pts ; Raoni Monteiro (BRA) 2.83pts

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