Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BearBack Surf Contest 2012

The 5th Annual Bearback Surf contest took place last Saturday. I am not sure what was more unusual to see.. 30 guys surfing with no wetsuit or a handful of them either nude or in girls bikinis. The photos and poem below will tell it all!!

Getting ready to brave the cold water...

True Style points...

Jack Daley finishing his heat.
Scott and Jack Daley
From the beach...

Winner Greg Browning getting showered with Champagne.
Trophy in hand.

Ode to the Bearback 2012
(Fifth Annual)

The ocean kisses my toes.
My brain says, "NO!"
but my body goes.

I cringe, look around,
Too late to back out now.
What is wrong with me?
Can I fake an injury?

The ocean kisses my knees,
I start to chatter, I start to freeze.
Jimmy and Greg are staring me down,
Too late to back out now.

The ocean kisses my balls,
I see Chyo go over the falls,
I wonder aloud,
Is it too late to back out now?

These other guys can't be as cold
As my old bones,
I could be warm at home,

Why, why do I do this?
The lips hit like cold, liquid bricks
I can't breathe, now up to my hips,
I should just dive and get it over with!

I duck dive.

And then it's me
And some friends,
Shivering in the medium tide,
Surfing bearback at the pier.

57 degree water
51 degree air

Founders & participants:
Jimmy Young
Greg Browning
Jeff Browning

Matt Walls- Last year's champion
Kevin Cody
Matt Singley
Aaron Osten
Bill Sanders
Connor Beatty
Rob Kalafut
Elias Shepherd
Chyo Baldocchi- Past champion
Kieran Walls- Youngest competitor
Davey Latter
Conrad Scouton
Jani Lange
Sean Larned
Scott Daley
Jack Daley
Ron Roebuck
Tom Bowlby
Frank Mazzotta
Scott Smith
Cheyne Magnusson
Garrett Quon
Steven Stanley Kiwi
Justin Quirk
Scott from Pitcherhouse
Adam Buckley
Jex McCartney
Satchel Roebuck- 10 years old

Jimmy surfed every heat!

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