Friday, February 13, 2009

Clyde the Wonder Pup!!!!

WOOF. HI!!! My name is Clyde. My dad is professional surfer Cheyne Magnusson. Well my dad and mom, Erin, are off to FIJI which leaves me in a bit of jam… Who is going to take care of me? What will I do? Who will play with me? When we stopped by dad’s sponsor BODY GLOVE’s offices on Thursday they were literally FIGHTING over who would get to puppy sit me. The lady in the front office won [I think she may have bribed them] and I am happy to say that I will be staying with Aunt Hillary and her 2 other dogs and 2 cats. I will pop in periodically to let you all know how it is going. But I have been promised walks, visits to the dog park, even a SPA DAY at Bubbles Pet Spa…There will be some chewing going on if they don’t deliver – I am already missing my folks but I am excited to make some new friends and hang out at the Body Glove offices with the nice humans there. I tried to be brave when my parents left and Matt Lane did his best to distract me. I will miss them, but I think I will make the best of it and have some fun. Talk to you later!!

The Wonder Pup

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