Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dive Training Day 3 Pt.2

More photos from Day 3.  
On The Disappearance the crew gears up.
Scott Smith giving the class a few instructions.
Matt Chernega putting his gear together.
Austin getting lathered up.
Mike Losness ready to go diving.
The group getting ready to drop down the anchor line.
Greg Browning was down there ready to film the class.
Scott Smith conducts class under water.  Performing the skill tests.
Austin Ware clearing his mask.
Matt and Austin checking their navigation skills.
Mike with a starfish.
Austin giving the thumbs up during the dive.
Mike and Ally during the tour part of the dive.
Austin and Matt having a good time.
Mike and Ally.
Ally and Mike with new found friend.
And I think this is Austin.  It gets hard to keep track of who's who underwater.

The class touring through kelp.

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