Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dive Training Day 3

So everyone passed the pool skills test and now it was out to the open ocean to do 2 dives and perform the skills test out there.  It was a perfect day for diving.  Clear skies and with little swell in the water it allowed for great visibility under water.  We headed out towards P.V. and 40ft of water.
The Class as they get ready to head out. 
Bob Meistrell, co founder of Body Glove took us out on The Disappearance.
Bob Meistrell.
On our way out we attracted a school of dolphins.  It was amazing to see how graceful they swim at the front of the boat.  At one time there was at least 7 or eight swimming along with a school of dolphins swimming behind the boat in the wake.
Austin Ware getting ready to be the first to jump in.

Everyone gearing up and ready to jump in.

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