Friday, December 10, 2010

Aloha Sean Weiman from Liquid Surf Shop

Sean Weiman from Liquid Surf Shop in Carmel has been coming to the North Shore for nearly 20 years, starting with an original voyage with friend Paul Smith who is currently a North Shore lifeguard, manager at Cholo’s and instructor of yoga as a resident here on the Shore. Sean spent most of his time here at the Body Glove house surfing Backyards, Aligators and Rocky Rights. “I timed the swell perfectly”, remarked Sean, when asked about his lucky timing with the swell. Seans last night was celebrated in fine style with the premiere screening of Drop Zone. “We hope he is back here with us net year”, said Matt Patterson, director of sales. “But you never know, that guy catches a lot of waves”.
Matt Patterson and Sean Weiman

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