Friday, December 3, 2010

15 Shops Across the Country Carrying Limited Edition PR1ME Suits!!!!

PR1ME wetsuits delivery day was a smashing success. 15 core retailers across the country are now carrying the limited edition run of PR1ME suits! Be sure to check the PR1ME page to find your nearest shop. More suits won't be available until November 2011!! Body Glove is stoked to be able to offer this limited edition run of suits to surf's most die hard fans. Be sure to post your surf shots in the PR1ME suit to the Body Glove Facebook page!

PR1ME day actually spanned about a week as we delivered to Spyder, ET Surf, Jack's Surf Shop, Republik of Kalifornia, Liquid, Esteem, and Santa Cruz Surf shop. Everyone we came across was super stoked to check out the new suits and guarantee us they won't last long. Our East Coast shops have received their suits as well, we just weren't able to send the VP of Marketing there to do it since he has to head to Hawaii!

Check out some of the photos from PR1ME day and our athletes putting in a hard day's work! We even got to hang with Skye Walker who won the "You Name It, You Own It" contest!

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