Saturday, December 11, 2010

Matt Pagan splits his lip!

Yesterday morning Body Glove's surfer Matt Pagan paddled out at Rocky Rights. It was a really fun day and not too crowded. He was driving through a couple barrels but one in particular ended his session. It was a pretty small barrel that closed out. As he came up from the water the board was still under water. The board shot up and hit him in the lip splitting it into a T. That was twenty minutes into his session. He has been hurt every session so far. Matt Chernega, Surf Team Manager took him to the Kahuku ER. Pagan had the same nurse he had two weeks ago when he went to see if he had a concussion.

They stuck the numbing needle into his lip and turned his whole mouth and tongue numb. Overall it was pretty minor and he only needed one stitch. He is now happy to say that he is back out in the water.

VP of Marketing Scott Daley checking out Pagan's lip.
Before getting stitched up.

Taking the pain away!

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