Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Body Glove Oahu Dive N Surf Adventure

After five days of surfing on the North Shore the trip has finally made it full circle with a Dive N Surf adventure. Scott Daley and Jenna Meistrell had an epic morning of diving with Dave Kohler and Jordan Dossett from Island Divers Hawaii.

They started with a dive to 107 feet to the Corsair Plane Wreck. The plane was in great condition and has turned into a underwater habitat for fish, eels and other ocean creatures. Their second dive they went through a huge sea cave where they saw white tip reef sharks and a few massive sea turtles.

"The visibility on the south shore was amazing! When I put my mask on and looked down to the 107 foot depth I could see the plane with full visibilty. Then the giant cave that we dove through at a depth of 60 feet was the size of a large building with incredible sea life. To put it lightly they were in the top five dives of my life," said Scott Daley.

A special thanks to the entire crew at Island Divers Hawaii in Honolulu, Oahu for showing us an amazing morning!
Dave Kohler from Island Divers with Jenna Meistrell and Scott Daley.
The Corsair Airplane Wreck at 107 feet.
Jenna Meistrell and Scott Daley in front of the Corsair Wreck.

Dave Kohler and Jordan Dossett from Island Divers.
Jenna and Scott full of smiles or experiencing the side effects of nitrogen narcosis after checking out the Corsair Wreck.
Jordan Dossett with an octopus on his arm.

Scott Daley hanging out with a sea turtle.
Jenna hanging out with Body Glove colored fish!

And of course they had to make it full circle and finish the day off with a surf for the ultimate Dive N Surf adventure!

Dive photos by Dave Kohler, Dive Instructor, LA Country Lifeguard, Scuba Ambassador

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