Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Body Glove Family at the IRONMAN on Fourth of July

Team riders Cheyne Magnusson and Justin Quirk joined Scott Smith, John DeTemple, Tracey Meistrell, Matt Meistrell, Jamie Meistrell and over 400 other contestants at the IRONMAN competition in Hermosa Beach on the Fourth of July. This legendary competition includes a mile run, a mile paddle and the consumption of 6 beers. The first contestant to finish their beers and hold them down wins (which isn't the easiest thing to do). Legendary South Bay surfer, volleyball player, JMMF participant and surf instructor Chris Brown took the title again this year.

Cheyne Magnusson, Scott Smith and Justin Quirk with IRONMAN winner Chris Brown.

Matt Meistrell holding the flag!
Scott Smith and John DeTemple

The BG group!

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