Monday, July 11, 2011

The Words of Holly Beck Herself...

Buenos Dias Amigos!

I'm back in Nicaragua and settling into rainy season life lived barefoot, muddy, and with a few too many bug bites.
I just finished up a week of surf coaching and yoga at Suave Dulce Surf Retreat. We got really good surf and all the ladies had a great time (see attached photos).

Suave Dulce teamed up with Waves of Hope once again to push some local kids into waves. The volunteers at Waves of Hope noticed that too many of the local kids weren't going to school on a daily basis. They setup some incentives to increase attendance. If a kid went to school every day, on saturday he/she could go surfing. We teamed up to push a few kids into waves and it was super fun. Needless to say, attendance skyrocketed!
Giving Back - Scholars for Surfing -

I snuck away on a day off to get a few waves of my own....

And, finally got around to uploading my new blog

I have a new group of ladies showing up tomorrow!

: ) Holly

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