Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Meistrells take Terry Keffler and Annie Crawley on a Surf Adventure!

Terry Keffler, owner of Underwater Sports in Seattle, WA and Annie Crawley owner of Dive into Your Imagination made the trek to Southern California (trading in rain and pine trees for sunshine and palm trees) and went on a surf adventure with us!!

First stop... San Onofre, the best place to lear to Surf! We met up with Ronnie and Shelly Meistrell in the Body Glove motorhome. Ronnie helped push Terry and Annie into waves and they were pros from the start.

Next stop, the Hennessey's paddle in Redondo Beach. They didn't partake in the 8 mile paddle but they joined Bob and Jenna Meistrell on the Body Glove boat to lead the race. While waiting at the finish line they tried out Body Glove Stand Up Paddle boards.

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