Friday, July 1, 2011

An Update from Holly Beck

Holly Beck just got back to Nicaragua after a month in the US. She is all healed up from her Volcano surfing fall and surfing again :)

Starting July 2nd, she is putting on two back to back women's surf and yoga retreats. Suave Dulce has officially partnered with the non-profit Waves of Hope to assist them in helping out the local community. Check out the video about the partnership on the Suave Dulce website:
or access the youtube version here:

Holly along with boyfriend Kim launched a new project called Hip-E Habitat. It is a resource for information on sustainable living and green building. Aside from providing information on things like building with bamboo, organic gardening, solar power and grey water systems, it will also chronicle their experiences as they build a home on an ocean view ridge top in Northern Nicaragua.

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