Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ASR San Diego Show-Tradeshow Booth

ASR San Diego was the debut of the newly built Body Glove tradeshow booth.  New walls, signage, banners and also a new campaign for 09.  Earlier this year BGI Vice President of Marketing, Scott Daley set out to build a new booth that we as a brand can be proud of.  Other goals of the booth was to cut down the weight of the walls to help save on cost of shipping across the country, eliminate the large banners and have something that is easy to set up and take down.  With help from Jeff Browning in the planning stages Scott started to mock up walls by cutting and building the walls in the BGI parking lot.  Once Scott had the general direction set, Scott King was hired to produce the final walls and display racks.  Once the walls were done Scott Daley, Mark Kawakami and Matt Chernega were in a mad rush to get them all stained black.  While that process was going on Matt had to turn his attention to making the brackets to attach the walls together.  With input from Billy Meistrell, Matt create some pretty cool pieces that holds it all together.  The next step was to create some signage for the booth.  I built, painted, bolted and assembled the frames for the booth.  We were running out of time but with a lot of team work and everyone working hard to get it done we made our deadline and was ready for ASR.  We hope you all like the booth because we are proud of what we created and look forward to the upcoming tradeshows with our new booth.
New signage for outside the booth. 

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