Thursday, September 25, 2008

GPT Japan Tour 07

Some pictures from last year when the Body Glove surf team of Alex Gray, Cheyne Magnusson and Mike Losness traveled to Japan.  Greg Browning filmed the whole trip and made a DVD that was distributed in Surfing Life, a Japan surf magazine. This was one of the destinations we went to in Hamamatsu.  It was the house/surf shop/warehouse for one of the Body Glove accounts.  It was planned to have us drive there, surf with them and hang out and stay in the house that turned out to be a OVEN!!!!  Thank god I was smart and stayed with George in a air conditioned hotel that night while the rest of the crew cooked upstairs during the night.
West Side River surf shop in Hamamatsu.  The house was right behind their shop and the warehouse is right next to it on the left.
In the warehouse they had a skate ramp where Cheyne, Yugo and the owners son skated for awhile.  Cheyne was ripping and having fun.  Even though it was scorching hot in the warehouse.
Yugo Harada, art director for Body Glove Japan, is also a really good skater.  He was ripping as well.   Later that night Yugo was killing it on the microphone, rapping, at a local karaoke joint we went to.

The hosts broke out their b.b.q's  and cooked some great food for us.  Here Mike helps out fanning the fires to get them going.

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