Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Product Driven Poster

Poster that were created to highlight several of Body Glove Wetsuit new  products.  Body Glove Wetsuits continue to research and develop innovative products and we look to promote that product intensive advertising and POP.
Body Glove Dive ECO suit.  We will be the first company to offer a ECO dive suit.
Body Glove Wetsuits worked hard to improve the ECO surf suit and made it even more flexible and stretchier than the previous models.
A new suit introduced into the line of Body Glove Wetsuits and is one of the stretchiest and flexible suit offered in the line.
With the continued success of the Rusty Signature PFD Body Glove Wetsuits are coming out with a updated version of the Rusty vest.  Body Glove Wetsuits has also developed a new "Impact" PFD called the Vapor D30 vest.  

Last but not least is the Body Glove Vapor.  The first water repellant suit and still the best suit out there.

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