Friday, September 12, 2008

New Campaign Artwork

The following is our first wave of ads going out to publication utilizing our new campaign look.  BGI art dept will be working on putting together a Campaingn handbook for all our licensees.  It will contain artwork, explaination on how to use the new "Core" logo and how we will keep the current word mark and logo for our non "Core" partners and audience.
New Transworld Surf Mag ad for the December issue.  Ad features our top of the line Vapor wetsuit with our young up and comer, Dusty Payne.
New Sport Diver ad featuring the first and only ECO dive suit.
The next Alliance Wakeboard Ad featuring the popular Rusty Malinoski Signature PFD vest.
Trade magazine ad that will announce Body Glove water filters.  We are putting together marketing books, a web page and a video on why we chose to make filters and how we continue to look for new ways to "Keep The Ocean Blue".

New suncare line that will be sold online only.  For products that aren't considered to be our "Core" product we will still keep the Standard Logo Type and Hand Logo around for that use.

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