Thursday, June 26, 2008


As reported on ASR-June 26th 2008

As you probably heard back in May, Insight was the recipient of two SIMA Image Awards— Breakthrough Brand of the Year and Men’s Marketing Campaign of the Year—the latter of which is what I wanted to talk about.

For two year's running, Insight has had fantastic campaigns, and 2008 is no exception. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads, they are insane. Shot by D. Hump, each ad features an underwater scene—from surfer Jared Mell surfing over some orange egg like things to Malia Jones and Bunnyman watching Kai Otton do an off the top over them. You can check out the whole series of photos on the Insight site.

In a related note, for those of you who are as mesmerized by this type of photography as I am, I was reading an issue of Smithsonian Magazine when an article on photographer Bruce Mozert caught my eye. He did the same type of photography to promote Silver Springs, Florida in the late 1930’s and forties. Although Mozert’s differ from D. Hump’s because the viewer can only see the scene under the water (D. Hump’s are a “split view”—you see the surfer above as well as the scene below), the set-ups are just as interesting. If you’d like to see the article, click here.

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