Thursday, June 5, 2008


As report on ASR website: June 5, 2008

Seems like the story about Sole Technologies, Circa and Podium pulling out of ASR is pretty big news for the Industry—there is a lot of talk on the message boards, and the commenter’s are all over the place on their opinions. Some think ASR is dead, while others say that there’s no way the buyers want it to go away. A lot of people are pointing to PacSun not selling closed toe shoes as part of the culprit, while others think it’s our changing climate and this wonderful recession the country is in. On Silverfish Longboarding, a commentator says that he will no longer support those companies who pulled out. On the other hand, “Mile_High_Mark” says, “Dealers will still buy those brands, and skaters will, too. Having hot-sh*t riders and models (shoes, not skaters) will do more for sales than a trade show”.

The most varied comments, however, are found on the Transworld Business site. “Jason Bergman” complains that ASR has turned into a regional show and its dead, while “Warren” says, “I think it is very arrogant of the companies to think that they can simply do more regional shows. It may work out for the shops form SoCal - but some of us travel a great distance to see all of the products in one place. That IS the idea of a trade show - right? The companies have done it to them selves - moving deadlines earlier and earlier every season.” Another user, “Big Picture”, agrees, stating that, “Tradeshows roll like the stock market and those that pull out when the going gets a little tough usually lose the most money. In a world of vertical retailers taking larger portions of the market I think these companies are better served standing united with the industry. An Island can be a lonely place.” However, the commentator goes on to say that, “ASR needs to change with the times and spice up the shows like the old days.”

So, what I want to know is what you think. If you’re on this site, I assume you attend ASR, or are looking to attend. What’s your opinion of tradeshows in general?

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